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There was a time when I though this whole green energy thing was a fad; I’m not kidding. With all the environmental cartoons and documentaries popping up a few years ago, along with the seemingly outrageous claims that you could power your own home, completely off the grid through green, eco-friendly energy seemed like something that would just pass. But after visiting Atlanta I have discovered that many electricians in Atlanta GA are slowly specializing in solar panel and efficient lighting installations. It became clear to me that people are serious about this whole going green thing, even small companies. This Atlanta electrical repair company can help you out:

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Large corporations and governments will have always done things mostly for the sake of their image, so I could never take them seriously about their so-called “green agenda.” But when the people themselves act and invest in it, you know that this is not just something that would pass just as a way to make it look like we are doing something. Consumers and electricians alike believe in this further developing yet not so new power source.

Atlanta is definitely not the first one to do this, but they have shown me their enthusiasm for the development and the application of green energy. You might think that I am a bit late to the party, but when it comes to energy, you have to be skeptical of new things. For example, atomic or nuclear energy was once praised as the cleanest and safe, but we, later on, discovered that the catastrophic consequences when things go wrong.  I am not saying something of similar nature could happen with solar, with its components that are incredibly unlikely but there have been negative effects with green energy sources as well.

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At an experimental solar-powered power plant in the desert, one that does not use solar panels,  they discovered that concentrating light and heat to a chamber that heats up water to power the turbines showed incredibly positive results. Until they discovered that birds burst into flames as the pass the path of the concentrated sun rays. Another bird killing green energy source is wind turbines, killing birds that pass through the path of the blades. While these projects showed great promise, and are in fact in use today, they still cause significant environmental damage.

Don’t get me wrong,  the electricians of Atlanta, GA  are going the right direction, and I believe that solar panels, as it continues to develop shows great promise for a truly greener tomorrow. On could say that I am incredibly positive about the future of the world as solar power becomes even more available to the masses.