The World of Electricians Is Changing As We Look To Environmental Education

There was a time when electricians only needed to care about their duties to keep the infrastructure that delivers power to the masses functioning. But in this new world where steps must be taken to preserve and better the current state of the environment, the direction is very different from what it was. Instead of making sure that everyone is connected to the grid, able to tap into the power plants, we now concentrate in sustainable energy where homes are able to power themselves through new developments in wind and solar energy technology.

The last hundred years of industrial progress put a huge toll on the earth, while it would seem like something a “hippy” would say; it is none the less true. Carbon emissions along with the other pollutants created by the factories and fossil fuel power plants have caused damage that will show its effects both in the short and long term. The damage had been done, and we will have to face the consequences, what we can do is lessen the effects and possibly through successful measures reverse the effects at the even longer term.

Previously, electricians were mainly working in either construction, in power companies, or tech companies. Now, due to the shift to a greener economy, the development of products that rely on greener energy source, such as electric cars and such, electricians now face new challenges that, through the help of engineers and scientist, could bring a cleaner greener tomorrow.

This is no longer an optional route for us, if we continue to go the same path as we have in the past, we will destroy this planet. Even if you are a climate change skeptic, you would have to agree that the old way of production and source of energy is toxic to the environment, destroying ecosystems due to the toxic byproduct it produces.

The world may be changing, but it is still and forever will be powered by electricity. And commercial electricians will need to evolve in order to be part of the change and solution to the world’s problem. Every year the world gets hotter, every moment we lose an ecosystem, is time lost, and we get further and further away from the beautiful green earth of the past, and closer to the point of no return. Once we cross that line our children will inherit a world foreign to us, far from the beauty that we grew up with, and the opportunities that come with it.