Ways to Assess the Work Quality of Your Electrician?

Unlike with painters or carpenters in which the results of their work are highly visible, the work of an electrician is not often seen. It is hiding inside the walls and behind the access panels and switch plates. They are also running in the different areas of a home or buildings like in the crawlspaces and attics- areas that are not often visited by people.

Although the wirings are easily seen, they are not enough to determine the quality of the work of an electrician, unless you are one yourself.

But there are ways to determine whether the work is of great quality or otherwise that will lead you to look for another one. Below are some of the ways to consider.

Check References

Interviewing previous clients is an effective way to determine if you are hiring the right electrician to do the job. You can ask their past clients about their experience, as well as impressions with the electrician. How smooth they did do the task? Were there any problems? If there were, did the electrician solved them? Does he give attention to detail? Did his work passed the inspections or some changes were needed? Lastly, ask them if they were happy with the work and the quality of the products used to do the job.

Talk to Local Experts

Aside from talking to previous clients, it would help if you consult with the local experts in the area. These people are not electricians yet they are knowledgeable with how electrical systems work and what to look for as much as work quality is concerned. These professionals may include contractors, inspectors, architects, plumbers, and carpenters.

Take a Look at Current Jobs

If you have the luxury of time and you are up to it, you can take a look at the current job of the electrician to see how he works and assess the quality. Even you are not very familiar with how things work; a visit will give you a sense of his work quality and how he gives attention to details by looking at the installations.

Are the cables placed neatly? Are the outlets and switches framed properly? You should also check if the index on the service panel door is clearly labeled. Generally, neatness is very important and it is easy to spot the difference between a work that is done methodically from a lazy one.

Good Work Means Good Reputation

Although electrical work has a by-the-book kind of approach and it is often straightforward, there are so many ways to cut the corners and numerous examples of hidden hazards in spite of looking fine on the surface. But just like with other professional services, an electrician’s quality of work is revealed by his reputation with coworkers, clients, local businesses, and supervisors. Any type of investigative work that you could do before making the final decision will be worth it.

As there are so many electricians out there, there is no need to be in a rush to find one. Instead, take your time and apply the above-mentioned ways to end up with the right person to do the job and deliver the best results.