What You Don’t Know About How Ungrounded and Incorrectly Grounded Outlets Affect You

Many of us enter our homes, turn on our lights and appliances, and pay no mind to the gift of a properly wired and grounded electrical system.

Because of your three-pronged electrical outlets, you can rest assured that your electrical system is properly grounded.

However, if you live in a house that was built a long time ago, your three-pronged outlets may not be grounded after all.

Even new homes have electrical engineers that make the mistake of considering grounding the electrical system of a house.

This is a very risky situation as it can lead to unwanted electrical shock when you plug an appliance, a full-on blackout, and/or your house on fire.

Whether you built your home from the ground up or are renting, having an engineer check on your electrical system when you experience such inconveniences as intense electrical shocks when you plug an appliance or occasional blackouts when your neighbors have power.

Some people remove the bottom cylindrical wire of a three-pronged outlet thinking this is okay, but what they don’t know is that this little nifty part of the outlet serves to ground the electricity that runs through the appliance.

Another thing you should know about outlets and electricity grounding is it actually affects the warranties of your gadgets.

Air conditioners, televisions, refrigerators, computers, dishwashers–these are some of the many appliances that must be connected to a grounded outlet in order to be qualified for a warranty replacement in the event that it malfunctions within the set warranty period.

Plugging them in a non-grounded outlet usually means you are no longer allowed to avail of the warranty should the appliance conk out due to a power surge or electrical shock.

Aside from warranty, probably the most annoying aspect of ungrounded outlets are the occasional electrical shock that you experience when you plug it in. This results in physical pain, injury, and sometimes even death.

Three-pronged gadgets are usually a sign you are safe from an electrical shock when you plug it in an outlet.

So, you may still ask yourself if your outlets are grounded.

A quick call to your electrician can solve this problem. Trying to figure it out yourself without an extensive knowledge of electrical engineering is nothing short of futile and very dangerous.

Your electrician will definitely know if your outlets are grounded. When they check up under the main switch, they will know right away what to fix and what not to fix.

If you have not experienced an electrical shock or isolated blackout after years of living in your home, then there should be nothing to worry about. However, do not hesitate to phone your friendly electrician. He always knows what to do with your home problems.

Usually what happens is they will switch up the voltage regulator and maybe even the outlets.

Do not by any circumstance attempt this by yourself. Please call a professional to do the inspection, canvassing, purchasing, and installing of the needed materials in order to properly ground your outlets.

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